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Jonathan Moffett is a very accomplished musician, songwriter and producer.  His wide range of talents led him to perform in concert on twenty-three major tours including the world famous Jacksons’ Victory Tour. Recorded with great artists such as Madonna, Diana Ross, Elton John, George Michael and the Jacksons; play on popular television shows such as The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Saturday Night Live, Arsenio Hall, Jay Leno and Rosie O’Donnell; record music videos, movie song titles, and television commercials.    

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There are '10' Songs, . . '9' of which are Jonathan's "Original Works". The '10th' Song, is a 'Remake' of One of the 'Most Popular', Famous and 'Most Appropriate' Songs for Jonathan to do! "The Little Drummer Boy" is the 'Perfect' Christmas Holiday Classic Cover Song, 'Best Suited' for "Sugarfoot" to put his 'Personal Touch' and Taste on!!! With his vocal 'Falsetto Twist' on it, . . it lends a 'Fresh New Feel and Flavor' on 'His' presentation, . . and "Lifts The Spirits On High", breathing 'New Life' into this "Most Beautiful Treasured Holiday Classics"!.... Included Also, . . are '5' "Retro Old School Instrumental Chorus" Tracks of '5' of His Original Songs!..... Music 'To Put Up the Tree To', . . . To 'Turn On The Lights To', . . and Get You In The Mood for This Holiday's Delight" and show that "Christmas Is Coming"!!! For Wrapping Those Presents and Gifts, that will bring 'Big Smiles' on the Faces of the 'Ones You Love'......! So, . . "Bring The Spirit Of Christmas Into 'Your' Home this year!" With the songs 'Very Close' to Jonathan's Heart! After All, . . . "Christmas 'Is' Coming", . . . as you'll See "The Signs Of Christmas" soon 'Everywhere', . . when it'll come time to be Wishing "Merry Christmas To Your Neighbor", . . because "No One Should Be Alone At Christmas", Especially when it's time for a "Happy Holiday" to 'All' who come your way! ....So do 'Just' As 'I' Do, . . because "Christmas Is MY Time Of Year", bringing 'Happiness' to 'This' Little Boy's Heart", . . and Just As "Kids Dream Of Christmas Day", I Do Too!!! ...For This Little Drummer Boy", . . knows that 'Pretty Soon', . . . . it'll be "Christmas Again"...... : ) "Merry Christmas

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A percentage of all proceeds generated from the Jonathan Moffett music collection will be distributed to charitable organizations.